circa 1983 ?
     not available as an APP !!

"A night in the Wood"
can't find
"A day on the Beach"
"Begbroke Monolith"

so few pixels to play with (159 x 95),
if my memory is still working
before me... 1981 in Algol80
31 years after writing the software

someone has made a replacement !

on an iPad ? is this right ?

we won the 1987 TEC award - " Automation/Control Systems "
which I kept at home for many years, in protest,
as no one had bothered to go to the award ceremony, to pick it up
yes I am still bugged about that!

colin persuaded me to give it back, when I left

won 3 more TEC(s) with scott @ euphonix inc, which I did not get to keep at home...